Acquire, Engage & Retain Customers

Acquire, Engage & Retain Customers

With Multi-Channel Digital Marketing & Gamification

With Digital Marketing & Gamification

Turn Fans to Customers, Likes to Loyalty

Start with Free or Paid Plan

1. Engage on Social Media, Mobile & Web

Run Brand Promotions, Contests, Sweepstakes & More

Publish smart posts that drive participation, engagement, brand awareness & acceptance. Define keyword-based auto-responders. Gratify participation & comments instantly.

Boost engagement, build strong following & promote your brand with social contests on your timeline. Reward participants & winners with brand merchandise, goodies or discount coupons.

Excite fans with sweepstakes. Make your brand viral, get high quality leads. Collect fan data through sweepstakes forms. Build list of relevant audiences who are most likely to buy from you.

Publish intuitive, mobile responsive forms for lead generation, surveys, contests, orders or any business & marketing use cases. Use stand alone or embed in your website or Facebook Page tabs.

Improve & maintain excellent page response rates by auto-responding to customer comments & queries in seconds. Delight customers with tags, mentions & personalized responses.

Improve & maintain excellent page response rates by auto-responding to customer comments & queries in seconds. Delight customers with tags, mentions & personalized responses.

Excite customers & increase purchase frequency with quizzes, contests & challenges. Give coupons for participation & shares. Emotional connect with earned coupons drives conversion & sales.

Make your app the single point of brand content. Integrate social media accounts, enable two-way content sharing, boost traffic, conversions, brand recognition and virality.

Hear voice of customer with surveys, contests & polls. Include linked questions & logical triggers. Reward participation with coupons, discounts & freebies. Download & analyze survey data.

Drive engagement on Instagram channels. Run photo, video & story contests, Auto-send direct messages, gratify brand mentions with coupons, auto-follow influencers in your domain.

2. Engage & Sell on Messenger

Use the Familiar & Most Popular Facebook Messenger Interface to Connect & Engage with Fans

Chat with fans & customers on Facebook Messenger or let an automated sales assistant converse while you're away. Collect contact information for subsequent follow-up.

Nurture leads with Drip marketing campaigns. Schedule a set of pre-written message sequences. Keep fans & customers engaged on Messenger. Ideal for collateral, courses & other use cases.

Segment subscribers, enable unsubscribe & re-subscribe, Track deliveries & read receipts, Get 100% delivery & open rate, as compared to e-mail marketing's dismal 4-5 percent.

Engage fans & customers on auto-pilot, with Messenger bots. Use drag-n-drop builder to create customized Messenger sequences & automated sales funnels that close deals when you're away.

Reduce sales cycles with smart & automated sales assistants, working 24x7. Define keywords & responses, transfer control to human-assisted conversations whenever required.

Extend the Messenger experience to your website, e-com stores, web forms, & mobile. Let customers interact with your business anytime with the same rich & personalized Messenger experience.

3. Motivate Buying

Motivate Customers with Persuasive Content, Behavior Psychology & Gamification Technology

Publish time-limited offers. Create urgency by limiting coupon quantity. Send coupons through Facebook comment responses, Messenger conversations, Tweets or Instagram messages.

Gamify the buying process with buying contests. Give small rewards after each purchase. Publish buying leader boards. In their zeal to reach the top, customers keep buying from you.

Improve in-store & online sales with mobile coupons & discounts. Configure coupon value, rate, usage count, period & other parameters. Gather & analyze customer & redemption data.

Add fun-n-excitement to the buying process. Induce impulse buying. Surprise customers with mobile scratch cards, raffles, spin wheels, & slot machines. Give discount coupons or brand merchandise.

Publish promotional QR codes across prominent locations, newspapers, magazines, digital channels & social media. Let customers unlock offers by scanning the QR code from your app.

Make customers earn their offers, discounts & coupons through contests, challenges and Gamified posts. The emotional connect with earned coupons increases conversion rates & sales.

4. Earn Customer Loyalty

Combine Game Mechanics with Behavior Psychology

Earn loyalty with instant gratification. Manage levels, rules, rewards & redemption. Auto-credit points for online sales or unlock a level, star or crown by punching a card on customer's mobile.

Turn loyalty into team sport. Let customers compete for higher positions. In their zeal and excitement to reach the top, they not only buy from you, but also make your brand viral.

Win customers & earn their loyalty with Instant Gratification. Reward comments, brand mentions & contest participation with exclusive privileges & personalized coupons.

Provide flaunting & bragging rights to fans & customers. Recognize their achievements & contest wins by tagging & mentioning them in Facebook posts, Instagram announcements or Tweets.

Attract Likes from friends & family of fans, by recognizing & tagging fans & customers in announcement posts. The Likes provide social approval & justifies their loyalty behavior.

Plug a social network, foster a customer community in your app. Disseminate news & posts, let customers comment, share & like your content. Watch engagement & brand awareness zoom.

Empower customers with choice of Redemption Rewards. Maintain Redemption Catalog. Enable customers to redeem points for coupons, discounts, privileges & brand merchandise.

Send personalized notifications, alerts, private inbox messages, attachments, reward coupons & other rich content. Define delivery schedules and geo-fenced rules for messages and notifications.

5. Go Mobile. Put Your Brand In Your Customer's Pocket

Develop Gamified Marketing Apps for Android & iOS - In Minutes, without Coding

Include Pages, pictures, events, catalogs, menus & price lists. Modify app content on demand, push updates and new functionality with a few clicks, without re-publishing on App stores.

Build multi-purpose, mobile forms for lead generation, sales tracking, data collection, customer feedback, order management & other business & marketing use cases.

Connect popular e-mail marketing services like MailChimp & Aweber. Enable newsletter and topic subscriptions, push regular brand content through topic feeds, newsletters & notifications.

Deploy full-feature, awesome mobile storefronts, integrated with product galleries, catalogs, smart shopping carts, payment gateway, loyalty program, customer support and geo-location features.

Improve productivity with mobile forms, calendars & other smart business widgets in your app. Collect, download and analyze form submissions, gather business insights.

Define customer roles, require login for specific pages, Lock premium content for specific customer roles & levels, choose the standard user name-password method or QR code-based authentication.

Integrate web links, landing pages, click to call buttons, interactive Google maps & other smart widgets into your app. Add & edit app content without re-publishing the app on Play Stores.

Auto-capture & distribute content from app-integrated, multiple RSS feeds, blogs & news sites. Delight customers with regular, relevant content - not just in their mailboxes, but at their fingertips.

6. Maintain Healthy Digital Footprint

Plan Posts & Content Calendar. Maintain Content Quality. Never Run Out of Content

Manage engagement schedule from a single dashboard. Save time with a posts & promotions calendar, Maintain healthy content pipeline & never run out of content to post.

Leverage Facebook tags to personalize customer interactions & boost brand engagement. Auto-tag fans and customers in smart auto-responses & reach notification list of their friends & family.

Build custom & look-alike audiences from past posts & comments. Improve return from ad spend. Re-target & convert passive visitors into active customers.

Shorten, track & optimize links with catchy call-to-actions, powerful analytics, re-targeting pixels & custom audiences. Add Facebook's 'm.me' URLs to websites & forms. Improve RoI from Digital Ads.

Improve & maintain excellent page response rates by auto-responding to customer comments & queries in seconds. Delight customers with tags, mentions & personalized responses.

Monitor page comments, instantly remove spam, irrelevant & abusive comments & messages. Prevent competitor snooping by hiding or deleting comments after responding & capturing the lead.

7. Extend Functionality with APIs & Webhooks

Integrate Enterprise CRM, Helpdesk & Systems with APIs, Webhooks & Third-Party Services

Use web-hooks to integrate social campaigns & forms with Google Analytics, CRM, E-commerce & enterprise systems. Send form data to your server & databases using secure APIs.

Connect with existing e-commerce and enterprise applications, using robust APIs and web hooks. Extend functionality, preserve investment & delight customers with intuitive mobile experiences.